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Dubai – Layali Dubai

Experience the true essence of Dubai and the Middle Eastern culture. From the Burj Al Arab to the Jumierah, you can see it all in this 4 day tour that will not disappoint.

Dubai – Dubai City Break

Take a break from the city life and enjoy a mesmerising safari in the sand dunes of Dubai, followed by a relaxing Arabian style dinner and tea amongst the dunes. A short 3 day escape to see the traditional side of Dubai that many wont experience.

Jordan – Jordan Discovery

Experience Jordan to the full on this incredible 7 day tour. Drive through the famous red desert in Wadi Rum, walk through the 2000 year old city of Petra, or simply unwind in your luxury resort at the Dead Sea. Whatever it may be, this tour has you covered.

Jordan – Jordan Kings Way

Experience Jordan the king’s way on this unique 5 day tour that takes you through the tradition and history of Jordan, starting at Jerash (One of the best preserved roman cities) and Bethany (associated with Jesus and John the Baptist), before finishing off with some leisure time in the luxury resort at the Dead Sea.


Jordan – Golden Jordan

Relive Jordan’s golden history on this 4 day tour through its’ most historic landmarks. From one of the most preserved cities of the Roman Empire (Jerash) to one of religion’s most significant cities (Bethany), before finishing in the 2000 year old city of Petra. Prepare to take a 4 day trip through ancient history.

Egypt – Exotic Sinai & Sharm El Sheik

Take a historic 15 day trip through the Ancient landmarks of Egypt; walk through the pyramids of Giza, experience the Majestic Sphinx, and visit the magnificent museum of Egypt. All this plus 10 days of relaxation by the exquisite Red Sea in a luxurious resort.